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Shoshanna Must, PhD

Shoshanna Must, PhD is a clinical psychologist licensed in the state of New York. She received her doctorate from Columbia University in 2007, and since then has been specializing in the evaluation and treatment of adults and adolescents with sexual behavioral problems. Dr. Must also treats adults victimized by sexual abuse and adults struggling with emotional/behavioral regulation difficulties.

Dr. Must completed her pre-doctoral internship from Westchester Jewish Community Services. In this capacity, she treated both offending youth and adults and persons victimized through sexual abuse. Following her internship, Dr. Must was hired as evaluation coordinator for the Juveniles Starting Over Program, a program at WJCS that offers evaluation and treatment to children and adolescents with sexual behavior problems. Additionally, she served as co-chair to the Westchester County Youth with Sexual Behavior Problems Task Force.

Since 2007, Dr. Must has worked with Kenneth Lau, LCSW-R specializing in the evaluation and treatment of adolescent and adult males/females who sexually offend. The team currently contracts with NYS Office of Mental Health providing treatment to persons who require intensive sex-offense-specific treatment. Dr. Must also contracts with Southern District of New York Federal Probation to provide specialized evaluation and treatment to adults convicted of varied sexual offenses. Other treatment referrals are referred by local probation departments, attorneys, and the general public.

Dr. Must specializes in conducting psychosexual risk evaluations based on empirical measures of risk and best practice guidelines regarding structured professional judgment. The team receives referrals from local and federal probation departments, as well as defense and prosecuting attorneys to provide mental health and psychosexual risk assessments.

Since 2013, Dr. Must has served as an elected board member to the New York State Chapter of The Association of the Treatment for Sexual Abusers (NYS ATSA), and is a member of the national chapter of ATSA. In these capacities she has presented on best-practice measures of risk for adolescents and adults with sexually offending behavior at both the state and national chapter conferences. Dr. Must also co-edits the quarterly NYS ATSA newsletter.

Research interests include gender-specific challenges for female clinicians working in the fields of sexual abuse prevention. She is currently conducting research on therapist pregnancy in forensic settings, sponsored by ATSA.

Dr. Must can be reached at (914) 517-1356 for referrals.