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Chris Porter

Chris Porter has been working in the field of community supervision since 1992, working with both non-profit and government agencies. Since 1996, he has worked as a United States Probation Officer for the Southern District of New York. Currently he serves as a Senior Officer supervising a specialized caseload of persons convicted of sex offenses. This supervision covers a broad spectrum of duties including surveillance of offenders; ongoing visits to home and community sites; seizure of contraband including drugs and weapons; conducting financial investigations for evidence of renewed criminal activity and to insure fine and/or restitution payment; conducting criminal background/activity checks; maintaining contact with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and, when necessary, cooperating in joint investigations and task forces when offenders are suspected of having resumed criminal activities. In 2011, with the assistance of a sex offender treatment agency, he implemented a specialized educational/supervision group for the population that he supervises. He currently co-facilitates these sessions with a designee from the treatment agency. This treatment/educational modality was a topic which was presented at the National ATSA conference in Denver, Colorado. These groups have to date, had great success in reducing recidivism and increasing communication between the probation department, treatment provider and the recipient of these services, thereby enhancing the “treatment triangle” and Good Lives Model of community supervision. Officer Porter has frequent collateral contact with community sex offender treatment providers, attends joint meetings with counselors to assist with and develop safety planning and has implemented a district chaperone policy. Officer Porter is a strong supporter and proponent of the GLM which helps to enhance safety of the community as well as provide satisfactory and quality of life for the offender, which has been shown to reduce recidivism as well. As a Board Member of NYS ATSA, Chris has continued to outreach in the community and seeks to enhance local and federal law enforcement participation in the area of prevention of sexual violence of children, as well as increase membership of fellow officers into this dynamic organization. Chris is a proud past recipient of the NYS ATSA Faye Honey Knopp Award, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Social Work degree.