May 21-22, 2012 17th Annual Conference
Ream, Anne K. Media Matters: Language, Media and Making a Difference (ppt)
Looman, Jan Assessment and Treatment of High Risk Sexual Offenders: Practical Guidelines for Clinicians (pptx)
Tabachnick, Joan Engaging Bystanders: Learning from the Penn State Tragedy (pdf)

May 23-25, 2011 16th Annual Conference
Adler, Howard & Ayers-Friedlander, Harmony A Holistic and Integrated Multi-Dimensional Approach to Residential Treatment for Youth Who Have Caused Sexual Harm (ppt)
Ellerby, Lawrence A Holistic Approach to Treatment and Risk Management(pdf)
Ellerby, Lawrence Being Well: Managing Therapist Stress and Distress (pdf)
Gifford, Nancy Sexting (pptx)
Gifford, Nancy Trends in Teens' Online Behaviors (ppt)
Govel, Gary & Zeliger, Laura NYS Probation Juvenile Sex Offender Management Practitioner Guidance(pdf)
Fagin, Gavriel Abel Assessment of Sexual Interest (ppt) and Related Information(pdf)
McGrath, Robert; et al. Current Practices and Emerging Trends in Sexual Abuser Management (pdf)
Moss, Erin & Nowak, Mark Machiavellian Personality Traits and Sex Offender Behavior (ppt)
Owen, Mary & Smith, Jayme Treating Dynamic Needs (ppt)
Seto, Michael Assessment, Treatment, and Management of Child Pornography Offenders (pdf)
Wisniewski, Timothy Sex Offender Treatment: What is it and What do We Treat? (ppt)

May 3-5, 2010 15th Annual Conference
Duszynski, Kenneth The Assessment and Use of Psychopathic Traits in the Management of Sex Offenders (ppt)
Osborne-Oliver, Kristina; et al. Addressing Sexual Behaviors Of Adolescents With Developmental Disabilities (pptx)
Osborne-Oliver, Kristina; et al. Workshop 10 References (pdf)
Rich, Phil Things We Think We Know: Ten Interesting Ideas and The Exercise of Critical Thinking in Our Work With Sexually Abusive Youth (pdf)
Rich, Phil Understanding and Treating Sexually Abusive Behavior in Children and Adolescents (pdf)
Salter, Anna Assessing and Treating Sex Offenders (1) (ppt)
Salter, Anna Assessing and Treating Sex Offenders (2) (ppt)
Salter, Anna Changes in Risk Assessment (3) (ppt)
Salter, Anna Staff Predators (4) (ppt)
Schlosser, Erik N. SIST vs. Confinement: What's an evaluator to do? (pptx)
Schlosser, Erik N. Article 10 Judicial Survey Results (pdf)
Schlosser, Erik N. Article 10 Expert Survey Summary (pdf)
Tanner, Jim Deception Detection (pdf)
Tanner, Jim What are we up against? Measuring sex offender entrenchment (pdf)
Tanner, Jim Sex Offenders in a Digital World (pdf)
Worling, James R. Comprehensive Risk Assessment for Adolescents Who Have Offended Sexually: With a Focus on the ERASOR (Estimate of Risk of Adolescent Sexual Offense Recidivism) (pdf)
Worling, James R. ERASOR Coding Examples (pdf)

June 10-12, 2009 14th Annual Conference
Cortoni, Franca Making Sense of Treatment Models (pdf)
Sandler, Jeffrey C. Effectiveness of Sex Offender Public Policies: Are They Making Communities Safer? (ppt)
Wilson, Robin Dynamic Supervision of Sexual Abusers (ppt)
Wilson, Robin What's Up, Doc? Innovations and Lessons Learned in the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ppt)
Wilson, Robin Working with Sexual Offenders - Assessing and Managing Risk (ppt)

May 12-14, 2008 13th Annual Conference
Hanson, R Karl Researching Sex Offenders (ppt)
Hanson, R Karl What Works: Effective Interventions with Sex Offenders (ppt)
Holden, Eric The Utility and Validity of Post-Conviction Sex Offender Polygraph Testing (pdf)
Holden, Eric Polygraph (doc)