Did you know? Sometimes those who are great at preventing sexual violence are terrible with building websites.

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Please contact us at President@nysalliance.com to become a member!


Benefits of Membership in NYS ATSA

  • Affiliation with an international organization that strives to improve techniques for assessment and treatment of sexual abusers.
  • Ethical standards for professional behavior and practice specific to the treatment of sexual abusers.
  • Increased opportunity to exchange ideas with other treatment specialists and allied professionals, including personal and professional support with complex cases.
  • Participation at reduced fees in annual conferences and regional trainings sponsored by NYS ATSA
  • The ability to apply for student research grants and student travel awards
  • Professional support and networking.

See our FAQs for membership here.

You may register and pay for your NYSATSA membership either online through Paypal or via a mailed form.
Type and cost of membership
Full Member: $35
Student Member*: $20
Membership if for a 1-year period from May 1st through April 30th.*A student member is defined as a person who is currently registered at least as a half-time student, enrolled in a program pursuing an advanced degree or its equivalent, in an accredited college or university in pursuit of a career related to the study ortreatment of sexual offending behavior. Verification is required from the school in which the student is enrolled at least as a half-time student studying in a curriculum designed for earning an advanced degree.Membership Paid by Credit Card

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